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I'm Antonio Ramírez de Antón, I'm spanish voice talent and dubbing actor for more than a decade. Welcome to my website. I'm freelance. As a voice talent, I use to collaborate with radio stations like Cadena COPE, Cadena 100, Rock FM and MegaStar. As well as advertising spots and corporate videos for different brands. Some of them you can find here. For years, I was an audiobooks narrator for the ONCE (Spanish organization for blinds) and audiobook narrations are an important part of my professional career. Last and mainly, my professional career is focused on dubbing as an actor and director for Netflix, Movistar, RTVE and HBO. Here you can also see samples of my work and upcoming projects. Currently, I have my own sound studio and I am dedicated to the sound production for audiovisual products. For more information you can visit: www.flycasemedia.com.

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